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10 benefits of keeping a symptoms journal

A symptoms journal, also known as a symptoms diary, symptoms tracker or daily health log, is a powerful tool to record daily symptoms and find patters to make changes and improve quality of life.

Woman with a chronic illness writing in a symptoms diary

Why keep a symptoms diary

It is well established that journaling is an effective tool for self-reflection and stress management.

If you are living with a chronic illness or condition, like so many people are these days, journaling can play an important role in improving quality of life.

Using a symptoms diary on a daily basis can help you manage symptoms and treatments, detect patterns and triggers and make lifestyle or other changes.

A symptoms journal allows you to take your health literally into your own hands.

Benefits of keeping a symptoms journal

There are so many good reasons to start journaling, as well as a range of benefits to keeping a symptoms diary, especially if you're living with a chronic illness or health condition.

Using a symptoms journal can help you:

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety.

  2. Create order when your life feels chaotic or your symptoms are worse than usual.

  3. Unravel and clarify your fears, thoughts, and feelings.

  4. Track progress and growth.

  5. Prepare medical appointments and better communicate with health care practitioners.

  6. Follow protocols, treatments and advice.

  7. Gain insights and awareness.

  8. Remember and reference information.

  9. Practice gratitude and find inspiration.

  10. Achieve your health goals, and so much more!

Our Write to Feel Right Journal can support you in your health journey, if you’re currently:

  • dealing with a health issue

  • living with a chronic illness, or

  • looking to take your health up a notch.

You can track the health stuff that matters to you all in one place, as well as gain insights and make changes to live better.

What benefits have you gained from keeping a symptoms journal?

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